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Polls are a critical tool for understanding public opinion on politics and  social issues in South Africa. They provide valuable insights for politicians, businesses, and citizens alike. By conducting polls, we can make informed decisions and create more effective policies to make South Africa a better country. 

Active Polls

POLL: How can we solve SA’s water challenges to ensure clean drinking water for all its citizens?

The latest full Blue Drop report, assessing the quality of South Africa’s drinking water from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022, shows that while South Africa’s drinking water quality is generally good in the major metropolitan areas, there has been a regression in drinking water quality since 2014.

POLL: Should Eskom employees be paid performance bonuses?

Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa has proposed that South African state-owned utility Eskom pay performance bonuses to its workers using savings made on diesel expenses..

Do you support performance bonuses for Eskom employees? DearSA wants to know what you think?

POLL: Should government ministers’ children be required to attend public schools?

The South African Federation of Trade Unions (Saftu) is actively working with political parties to introduce legislative proposals mandating all senior government officials to enroll their children in public schools.

DearSA wants to know what you think. Should government ministers’ children be required to attend public schools?

POLL: Should the National Minimum Wage for those under 25 be scrapped?

Former CEO of First Rand, Paul Harris advocates for the elimination of the national minimum wage for individuals under 25 years old. His proposal is based on the belief that such a move could stimulate youth employment in South Africa.

DearSA wants to know what you think. Should minimum wage for  people under 25 be scrapped?

POLL: When is it acceptable for citizens to boycott rates?

In a delightful twist of events, civic groups and ratepayers’ associations in eThekwini Metro have decided to embark on a rather unconventional adventure: they’re boycotting rate payments until the city caters to their basic service needs.

At what stage are citizens motivated to boycott rates? Is it acceptable? 

DearSA wants to know what you think.

POLL: Does BEE lead to job shortages for South Africans?

Proposed strict BEE laws in South Africa could lead to 600,000 job losses, warns the DA. The Democratic Alliance argues that the regulations, aimed at promoting black economic empowerment, may burden businesses and negatively impact sectors already facing economic challenges. DearSA wants to know what you think.

POLL: Should the song "Dubul' ibhunu" be classified as hate speech?

The phrase “Kill the Boer” is associated with a controversial song called “Dubul’ ibhunu”, which is Zulu for “Shoot the Boer”. It is a struggle song that the African National Congress (ANC) used during the fight against apartheid.

The song has caused considerable controversy and legal challenges due to its violent and incendiary nature. 

DearSA wants to know what you think.

POLL: Who is to blame for the low literacy rates in South Africa?

An international study called the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (Pirls) has revealed that 81% of grade 4 pupils in South Africa are unable to read for meaning. This represents a 2% increase from the previous study conducted in 2016. DearSA wants to know who you think is to blame.

POLL: Do you agree with Action Society that blue light brigades should be banned?

A video of a group of armed police officers dragging a man from a blue VW Polo and seriously assaulting him and two others went viral on Tuesday 4 July. 

Action Society has launched a campaign to ban these brigades and end police brutality.

Do you agree with Action Society that blue light brigades should be banned? 

POLL: Should we force government officials to pay for their housing?

The MEC for Public Works and Roads has called on government employees residing in state houses to pay for their stay or face eviction.
The department has faced challenges in revenue collection from state-owned properties, with tenants refusing to pay for several years.

POLL: Should anti-venom production be privatised?

Snake experts are alarmed over a shortage of polyvalent snake antivenom produced in South Africa, causing delays of at least six months in delivering life-saving treatment for snakebites.

Completed Polls

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