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Have your say on the Gas Amendment Draft Bill

This Bill aims to make changes to the Gas Act of 2001 by updating certain definitions and promoting the orderly growth of the gas industry. It intends to improve the national regulatory framework, encourage the involvement of black businesses, and support sustainable development. The Bill also addresses new developments and technologies in the gas sector, facilitating infrastructure development and investment.

Have your say on the review of exclusivity period of the South African Post Office

The purpose of the review is to ensure equitable access to basic postal services for all citizens at a uniform postage rate and affordable price, regardless of their physical location, as mandated by the legislative framework and the postal service license.

Have your say on the Amendments to the Regulations Relating to COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant

This bill proposes changes to the rules governing the COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress program, which provides financial aid to those affected by the pandemic. It adjusts the monthly payment to R350 per person for the upcoming year, limits payments to the allocated budget, and introduces measures to recover payments made in error or to individuals who didn’t update their details.

Have your say on the Responsible Spending Bill

The memorandum highlights the urgency for South Africa to tackle its mounting debt through the introduction of the Responsible Spending Bill. This legislation aims to regulate national debt, ensuring transparency and oversight while fostering long-term economic growth.

Have your say on the Pension Funds Amendment Bill

The proposed amendments to the Pension Funds Act of 1956 aim to make several clarifications and updates to improve its practical application. This includes defining or further defining certain terms, updating references to laws and institutions, and removing outdated provisions.

Have your say on the Draft Second Amendment of the Immigration Regulations, 2014

The Second Amendment of the Immigration Regulations, 2014 introduces changes primarily focused on visa application procedures and requirements. Key amendments include clarifications on the definition of a police clearance certificate, modifications to medical report requirements, and adjustments to visa categories, such as critical skills work visas and corporate visas.

Have your say on the proposal of sector-specific numerical targets in the Employment Equity Act, 1998

The Employment Equity Act, 1998, is undergoing amendments, including the proposal of sector-specific numerical targets. Thembelani Waltermade Nxesi, the Minister of Employment and Labour, has announced these proposed targets for public comment, aiming to ensure fair representation of qualified individuals from designated groups in various economic sectors.

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Scrap the red tape on independent power producers

The presidency and Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan are looking for emergency solutions to end the load shedding crisis. 

Draft Amendments to the Health Act (new Covid regulations)

The Department of Health has published new regulations will effectively act as a permanent replacement to the state of disaster Covid regulations.

Basic Education Laws Amendment Bill

The Bill proposes to amend the South African Schools Act to ensure that systems of learning are put in place in a manner which gives effect to the right to basic education enshrined in section 29(1) of the Constitution.

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Dear South Africa is an officially recognised non-profit platform which enables the public to co-shape all government policies, legislative amendments and proposals. We’ve run many successful campaigns and have amassed a considerably large active participant network of over 1 million individuals across the country and beyond.

We do not run petitions. We run a legally recognised public participation process which enables citizens to co-form policy at all levels of governance. Whereas petitions, even if they contain thousands of signatures, are considered as a single submission by government, our process ensures that each comment made through is recognised and counted as an individual submission by government.

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