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The Draft Gas Master Plan, 2024, outlines South Africa's strategic framework to develop its natural gas sector.

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The Draft Gas Master Plan, 2024, outlines South Africa's strategic framework to develop its natural gas sector. This plan aims to enhance energy security, promote economic growth, and transition towards a lower-carbon energy system. Key elements include expanding gas infrastructure, fostering investment in gas exploration and production, and integrating natural gas into the national energy mix. It emphasises regulatory reforms, environmental considerations, and collaboration with regional and international partners to ensure a sustainable and efficient gas industry

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Key features of this bill:

  • Infrastructure Development: The plan emphasises the expansion and modernisation of gas infrastructure, including pipelines, storage facilities, and processing plants, to ensure efficient transportation and utilisation of natural gas across the country.

  • Investment Promotion: It aims to attract both domestic and international investments in the gas sector by creating a favourable regulatory environment and offering incentives for exploration, production, and infrastructure projects.

  • Energy Security: Enhancing energy security is a core objective, with the plan focusing on diversifying the energy mix, reducing reliance on coal, and integrating natural gas as a cleaner, more reliable energy source.

  • Regulatory Reforms: The plan includes significant regulatory reforms to streamline licensing processes, ensure environmental compliance, and establish clear guidelines for the industry, fostering a transparent and predictable business environment.

  • Environmental Sustainability: It prioritises environmental sustainability by promoting the use of natural gas as a transitional fuel towards a lower-carbon economy and implementing measures to minimise the environmental impact of gas-related activities .

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