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The document outlines proposed amendments to South Africa's Children's Act, specifically focusing on enhancing early childhood development (ECD).

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Summary of the proposed amendments:


The document outlines proposed amendments to South Africa's Children's Act, specifically focusing on enhancing early childhood development (ECD). The amendments aim to streamline regulations, improve data collection, and ensure adequate funding and resources for ECD programs. The changes also include defining roles and responsibilities for state and local governments, setting national norms and standards, and introducing measures for registration and conditional registration of ECD programs. The amendments highlight the importance of providing inclusive, high-quality early learning opportunities and ensuring that ECD programs are accessible, safe, and well-managed across the country. Public submissions on the draft bill are invited within 30 days of its publication.

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Key features of this bill:

  • Integrated Multi-Sectoral Approach: The ECD program involves various sectors including infrastructure, health care, social services, and early childhood education. The approach emphasises coordination among different government departments to provide comprehensive ECD services.

  • Legislative and Policy Frameworks: The program aims to align and harmonise legislation, regulations, and municipal by-laws related to ECD. This includes the amendment of the Children’s Act to mandate ECD provision and the development of an integrated strategy for universal access to ECD services for children from birth to school-going age.

  • Human Resource Development: A significant focus is on training ECD practitioners to meet the minimum qualifications, with efforts to register new qualifications on the National Qualifications Framework and ensure accredited training providers. The program also aims to develop a Human Resource Development Plan for ECD service providers.

  • Funding and Infrastructure: The program seeks to establish a Sector Financing Strategy and a conditional grant framework for ECD. Infrastructure development, particularly in rural areas, is a priority to ensure safe and appropriate facilities for ECD centres.

  • Monitoring and Data Collection: Accurate data collection is critical for planning and monitoring ECD services. An integrated data collection system is being developed to provide real-time, verifiable data on ECD centres, learners, and service gaps. Additionally, the monitoring and evaluation of ECD centres and practitioners are emphasised to ensure compliance and quality of services.

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