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Key points about this bill:

  • The Bill aims to modify and introduce new definitions in the Gas Act of 2001, providing clarity and precision in the language used within the legislation.

  • One of the key objectives is to encourage the systematic growth of the gas industry, ensuring that its expansion follows a well-organized and strategic plan.

  • The Bill seeks to strengthen the national regulatory framework governing the gas sector, potentially improving efficiency, accountability, and oversight.

  • A significant focus is placed on promoting broad-based black economic empowerment, fostering inclusivity and diversity within the gas industry.

  • By addressing new technologies and aligning with international best practices, the amendments aim to keep South Africa’s gas sector up-to-date and competitive globally. The withdrawal in 2022 reflects a commitment to incorporating stakeholder feedback for a more comprehensive and effective legislation.
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About this bill

This Bill aims to make changes to the Gas Act of 2001 by updating certain definitions and promoting the orderly growth of the gas industry. It intends to improve the national regulatory framework, encourage the involvement of black businesses, and support sustainable development. The Bill also addresses new developments and technologies in the gas sector, facilitating infrastructure development and investment.

It emphasizes collaboration between the private and public sectors, strengthens enforcement, and enhances compliance. Additionally, the Bill aligns the gas industry with emerging transportation technologies for natural and unconventional gases that the current Gas Act does not cover. These amendments bring South Africa’s gas sector in line with international best practices. Although initially introduced in 2021, the Bill was withdrawn in 2022 to incorporate feedback from stakeholders.

Key features of this bill:

  • Definition Refinement: The bill introduces amendments to the Gas Act of 2001, refining and adding definitions to ensure a clear and comprehensive understanding of terms used within the legislation.

  • Strategic Industry Development: A key feature is the emphasis on promoting orderly development within the gas industry, outlining strategies to ensure systematic and well-planned growth.

  • Regulatory Strengthening: The bill aims to enhance the national regulatory framework governing the gas sector, seeking to improve efficiency, transparency, and effectiveness in overseeing industry activities.

  • Inclusive Economic Empowerment: Promoting broad-based black economic empowerment is a distinctive feature, underscoring the commitment to inclusivity and diversity within the gas industry.

  • Adaptation to New Technologies: Recognizing the evolving nature of the gas sector, the bill addresses new developments and changing technologies, specifically targeting transportation technologies for natural and unconventional gases not covered in the current Gas Act of 2001. This reflects a proactive approach to staying current with industry advancements.

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13 Responses

  1. BEE never worked and never will it either. Corruption wide open in BEE . Gas prises already goig up to increase goverment share like in the petrol industry. It spells corruption all over the show.

  2. As soon as the goverment mention BEE there are corruption involved. The gas industry will be like the fuel industry. Either the subsidies are very high or corruption in the delivery side increase the price.

  3. Present government and black people should have more patience. PATIENCE ! That’s the stark truth. Transformation takes years, decades. Changes desired overnight or spanning a few years stem from human greed, lack of respect for minorities, illegal methods, corruption, insanity, downright laziness and unproductivity. Leave the existing laws alone, work harder like others have done for generations, improve productivity, quality, manufacture clothing, appliances and other goods, export and strengtnen the bloody useless Rand. Changing laws to advantage the masses and disadvantage the minorities is the same as stealing. STEALING ! It is perpetuating third world conditions for hundreds more years. Make sacrifices, study, work, budget, save, build, improve and emulate first world countries instead of complaining about them and disassociating SA from them. Think ! THINK ! THINK ! The west CAN help. Get rid of criminal intentions in the government, be fair, human and focus on hard work and righteousness. Seek you first the kingdom of heaven and ALL THINGS SHALL BE ADDED UNTO YOU. All of you.!. Glorified stealing by changing the laws is STILL STEALING.!

  4. I agree with all the comments so far. Everything the ANC touches becomes corrupt. Whether it’s USD stuffed in the President’s couch, Mantashe’s stranglehold and manipulation of mineral resources, deals with Iran, THE country responsible for international funding and training of terrorists, the demise of railways, ports and infrastructure etc etc etc.
    Most of all I get despondent at the foolishness of the masses who continually sacrifice their future by keeping corrupt politicians in power.

  5. BEE has failed the man in the street.
    Emphasis on non polluting energy is where emphasis is required.
    Don’t fiddle with such weighty matters before the election.

  6. Any Bill that hints at excluding any sector of the citizens of the Republic of SA gets the thumbs down from me. Exclusion, no matter what spin is put on it smacks of apartheid, a horrible thing in our past that needs to be left there. 30 years of BEE has done nothing for the “broad base” of South Africans. That can be seen from every sector of our society that has gone that route.

  7. Wait till after the elections when hopefully we will have a competent new government

  8. Even to propose such an idea is ludicrous. They must think we are docile embiciles! NO!

  9. As soon as I see Bee preference I see the proposal for what it is ….laying down the base for corruption and theft.On that basis there can be no improvement in the country

    Must be prevented and withdrawn immediately.
    No to BEE and further racist business decisions creating further Cadre and Illegal theft of resources of the country.
    The government is only interested in enriching themselves, and any new venture is another opportunity for corruption
    Aimed at broad based black empowerment it would definitely lead to more corruption and failure.

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